Customised Aquaculture Training

As the global aquaculture industry continues to advance ensuring your business is ready for whatever challenges you may face is key to its success. Customised training can focus directly on particular skill-based needs, creating a personalised training program that is a perfect fit for your company and improving employee productivity and morale.

At AquacultureCourses, we have access to an extensive catalogue of training solutions coupled with subject matter experts who can work with you to develop customised training for your individuals and/or groups, all delivered 100% online to meet your exact needs.

Alternatively, we can work with your training team to convert your existing training materials into an engaging on-line format to improve the flexibility and efficiency of your own training function.  Contact us for more information.

FAI Academy


FAI Academy
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Customised Training


Utilising a huge catalogue of aquaculture training materials are uniquely placed to be able to assist your organisation with the creation or adaptation of training materials to your own specific needs. Working alongside industry educational experts we can deliver highly focussed online training to move your business forward.  

Why not talk to us about how we can help create the most suitable customised aquaculture training for your organisation.

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Customised Conversion

Got a whole load of training material sat on computers doing nothing?

Let us help….. we can take your training PowerPoint presentations, Word or PDF documents etc. and have our Instructional Designer team turn them in highly effective online training modules. 

Working closely with your team we will adapt your existing classroom content and apply instructional design strategies to provide you with fully functioning digital learning modules. 

We are also able to setup a Learning Management System (website) to deliver the training if needed. An LMS will allow for hassle-free distribution and maintenance of your e-learning modules with just a few clicks.

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