Our Introductory level includes formal undergraduate level certificate programmes, alongside several, shorter, certified courses focused on specific areas of aquaculture, each providing a foothold for the next step in your aquaculture career. 
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FAI Academy

Cleaner Fish: Biology Rearing and Farm Deployment… more >>

 10 hours
£395 + VAT
 Always open / Tutored on request for groups
i Certificate of Attendance

This course provides an introduction to sea lice, the importance of control systems and management of them. The course comprises 12 modules covering Sea Lice, Biology and Treatment; Wrasse species, biology, reproduction, diet and fisheries; Rearing ballan wrasse
Wrasse deployment in salmon pens; The biology of lumpfish (lumpsucker) Cyclopterus lumpus; Lumpfish rearing
Lumpfish health, welfare, transport and regulation; Deployment of lumpfish in salmon pens; Cleaner fish around the world; The cleaner fish business now and in the future; and Cleaner fish concluding module.

Welfare in tilapia production guideline series… more >>

1 – 6 Hours
Always open
i Certificate of Attendance

This short course aims to guide those involved in the production of tilapia to integrate the knowledge of animal welfare sciences, in the daily routines of producers, transporters and those responsible for the slaughter of animals.

Antimicrobial Stewardship in the Food Chain: Tackling the Global Challenge of Antibiotic Resistance… more >>

1 – 6 hours
£175 + VAT
Always open
i Certificate of Attendance

This course is the essential tool for professionals working in the global food industry. Learn how to mitigate the risks of emerging antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and how to practically apply these principles in your role to support public health and animal welfare.

Pharmaq Analytic

The Health and Welfare of Fish… more >>

10 hours
£295 + VAT
Always Open
i Certificate of Attendance

This course comprises 7 modules coving the Principles of fish welfare, Feeds and feeding, Transport, The environment and fish welfare, Health and veterinary health planning, Management and husbandry practices, and Killing and flesh quality.

The course is an RSPCA recognised fish welfare course.

University of Massachusetts Boston

Certificate in Sustainable Marine Aquaculture… more >>

 14 weeks per module
$500 per module
September & January each year
i Undergraduate Level Certificate

This certificate program which comprises 5 individual modules is designed to enable individuals to quickly gain basic knowledge in Aquaculture subjects for entry into the workforce and those seeking to change positions or retrain for a new career. This education is especially useful for international workforce development, to obtain US institution credentials.

The program comprises 5 x 14 week Introductory college level modules on Sustainable Marine Aquaculture, covering:

  • 114 – Introduction and Biology
  • 124 – Aquaculture Production 
  • 134 – The Business of Aquaculture
  • 215 – Aquaculture Nutrition
  • 216 – Sustainable Seaweed Aquaculture (coming 2024)

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