Certificate in Sustainable Aquaculture

44 weeks part time
September 2021, January 2022
i Undergraduate Certificate

Course Director
Dr Neil Hazon

Course Deputy Director
Dr Jonathan David

University of St Andrews

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Programme Description

This is a 40 week Introductory college level course on Global Sustainable Aquaculture. 

This course is ideal for those who do not have a degree and wish to study sustainable aquaculture to develop their career. Successful completion of this course could also lead to additional professional qualifications, providing an opportunity for you to study the Postgraduate Diploma/MSc

This qualification requires completion of 3 of the 5 module options of which The Global Aquaculture Industry and the Fish and Invertebrate Biology module are compulsory:

The Global Aquaculture Industry

The Global Aquaculture Industry (compulsory)

Introduces the concept and definition of aquaculture and describes the global industry in the main production regions.

Fish and Invertebrate Biology

Fish and Invertebrate Biology (compulsory)

Address the essential aspects of fish and invertebrate biology including anatomy, physiology and environmental requirements.

Fish and Invertebrate Biology

Aquaculture Nutrition (option)

Provides an introduction to the anatomy, physiology and nutritional requirements of key fish and invertebrate species.
Fish and Invertebrate Biology

Aquaculture Health (option)

Provides an introduction to the disease processes in cultured fish and invertebrates including viral, bacterial, parasitic and non-infectious disease.
Aquaculture: Products and Markets

Aquaculture: Products and Markets (option)

Provides an understanding of the diversity of species, value of markets and global trade of aquaculture products.

Each module is divided into a series of topics with associated assessments, tutorials and case studies. There will be a monitored online examination at the end of each module.

Each topic requires around 4 hours study time. A new topic is published each week, but does not necessarily need to be completed that week. Each module usually takes between 6 – 12 weeks to complete, depending upon time available to study.

Entry Requirements

Students must have gained SQA Standard grade (1 or 2) or GCSE (A or B) or equivalent in English and Mathematics along with at least two higher (H) or at least one GCE A Level or equivalent in the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Geography (or Geology), Mathematics, Physics or Psychology.

In line with the University’s drive to widen access, additional evidence of relevant professional experimental learning (RPEL) may be taken into account for entry.

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