Welfare in Tilapia Production Guideline Series

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Course Description

The welfare in tilapia production guideline series aims to guide those involved in the production to integrate the well-established knowledge of animal welfare sciences, in the daily routines of producers, transporters and those responsible for the slaughter of animals.

Through direct and simple language, we will use the science with the practical experiences to disseminate knowledge to members of the production chain, especially those who deal with animals on the daily working routines.

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The Global Aquaculture Industry

Module 1

This first module will address the concepts of animal welfare linked to livestock production and its positive effects on the economy, the environment, people and animals.

Why Should We Care About Farm Animal Welfare?
Is Good Health & Food Enough?
What About Fish Welfare?
An Economical, Environmental and Ethical Scope of Tilapia Production
Animal Welfare and its Implications
How Can We Measure Welfare in Fish Farming?

The Global Aquaculture Industry

Module 2

In this module you will learn What are the tilapia welfare indicators used for the growth phase and for the capture and slaughter processes, and how to apply them in the farm’s routine.

A deep dive into the use of indicators
Health Indicators
Environmental indicators
Nutritional indicators
Behavioural Indicators

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