Specialist Courses & Training

Working with our partners at and Fish Vet Group we offer a wide range of courses and training for those looking for focussed knowledge.
These include a range of advanced level specialist Courses and shorter Training modules.

Courses or Training?

Our Courses offer 6 – 12 week intensive learning programmes to gain detailed knowledge of a subject. Our Training is short modules delivering learning on specific issues. Click on the options below to find out more.


Our specialist courses offer an advanced level of tutor led knowledge transfer in a wide range of aquaculture topics.
These courses take 6 – 12 weeks to complete and include between 40 – 60 hours of immersive degree-level education.


Our specialist training modules which take from 1 – 6 hours to complete, are designed to provide focussed training on a growing range of aquaculture production issues such as Health and Welfare, use of Cleaner Fish and Antibiotic Resistance. 

Customised Training

Need some bespoke aquaculture training or have classroom training you need to take online?  You are at the right place.  Click here to see how we can help you with your custom aquaculture training needs!

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Our Partners

Our Partners